Our Core Competencies

Over the years, it is owing to our quality products, we have achieved clients' goodwill and a prestigious position in the market. Some of the other factors which enhance our position in the market include:

Team of Skilled Professionals

Premium Quality Products

State-of-the-art Infrastructure

Customer Focused Approach

Ethical Business Practices

Quality Assurance

As a quality-centric company, we give prime importance to the formulation of the finest quality products. Our team ensures that the products are formulated from premium quality chemical compounds and other ingredients, which are obtained from trustworthy suppliers. Moreover, all the formulated products are also properly checked on different quality factors. Our quality analyzers and laboratory assistants make certain that superior quality Ethyl Cyno Acetate, Sodium Naphthionate, Beta Napthol, Methyl Acetoacetate, etc. reach the market.

Our Products

It's been more than 40 years that our company has been producing top-class Intermediates, Chemicals and Solvents. All our products are formulated using finest grade substances. We are manufacturing, exporting and supplying below listed products:

  • Dyes, Chemicals and Intermediates
    • Beta Naphthol
    • Acrylic Acid
    • Metanilic Acid
    • Sulphanalic Acid
    • H Acid
    • Naphthalene
    • Cynuric Chloride
    • Methyl Easter
    • Ethyl Easter
    • Ethyl Cyno Acetate
    • Sodium Naphthionate
    • Ortho/Para Anisidine
    • Ortho/Para Toluidine

  • Solvents
    • Butylamine
    • Ethylamine
    • Epichlorohydrine
    • 4-Napsa
    • Sodium Nitrite
    • Beta Napthol
    • Methyl Acetoacetate
    • Resortcinol
    • Di-Phenyl Amine
    • Di Ethenolamine
    • Tri Ethenolamine
    • Diphenylamine
    • Acetone
    • Phenol
    • Acetonitrile
    • Acrylonitrile
    • Deg and Meg

  • Food Colors

Our Team

Our employees have profound experience and well aware of the buyers' demands. They put their best foot to deliver quality products to clients and expand the business of the company. Our team consists of laboratory assistants, quality analyzers, trained workers, marketing representatives, warehouse and packaging experts. It is our employees' domain expertise and hard work that enable us to give tough competition in the market. They are very talented and always put their best in all the tasks so to attain the targeted goals of the company. Our employees keep coming up with new ideas through which we can improve the quality of our products.

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