Pharma Intermediates
The provided Pharma Intermediates are mainly used in the medical industry to formulate tablets, injections, suspensions, and much more. These are safe to use and never react with any other materials or compounds.
Food Colours

Available in 99% pure form, this range of food colors is used as integral parts of processed food products. Sweet in taste, these colorants have distinctively fruity smell that has refreshing effects of users. Standard shelf life, non toxic formulation and reasonable price are the key aspects of this product range.

Intermediate, Chemicals & Solvents

This range of Intermediates, Chemicals & Solvents is well known for its balanced content, stable chemical attributes and long storage life. Available in wide range of shades, this array of products is reckoned for its toxin free composition and advanced formulation method.

Organic Pigments
The provided Organic Pigments never contain any inorganic material and chemicals to make them easy to dissolve or integrate. These are used in the coating, Ink, ceramic, rubber, plastic, cosmetic, and other industries.
Inorganic Pigment

Inorganic Pigments have extensive applications in different fields like rubber processing, plastic manufacturing, cosmetic production etc. Available in different formulations, these pigments are completely safe for the environment. Stable physical and chemical attributes and standard storage life are some of their key features.


Solvent Dyes
PRAVIN DYECHEM PVT LTD. is providing Solvent Dyes in different shades, forms, and packaging options. The customers can purchase them from us in bulk quantities at competitive prices.
Basic Dyes
Our company is known for offering Basic Dyes in multiple shades. These are used in the plastic, rubber, textile, and many other industries for coloration. They additionally hold over 99% purity.
Direct Dyes
The provided Direct Dyes can be purchased by from us at least prices. These have more than 95% purity and created from chemical grade materials. They additionally contain moisture in the range of 12-15%.
Acid Dyes
When the customers fast-drying and easy to use Acid Dyes, they can contact PRAVIN DYECHEM PVT. LTD. and purchase them in bulk quantity at affordable prices. We have a plethora of options in the shades.
Reactive Dyes
The provided Reactive Dyes are available in Blue BRF, Ocean Blue SR, Blue RGB, and other shades. These are easy and safe to use with any other material. They are employed in the textile, paper, chemical, rubber, and plastic industries.
Chemicals & Intermediates
The provided Chemicals and Intermediates are formulated with maximum 98% purity levels. These additionally have perfect melting point for easy and fast usability or integration. They are also resistant against acids.
Color Pigments

Available in 99% pure form, this range of color pigments  is suitable to be applied for edible items, textile materials, plastic objects, cosmetics and so on. Balanced content, stable chemical attributes, standard shelf life, specific temperature range  and utilization of latest technology are the key aspects of these pigments.

Pigment Emulsifier

Known for their non ionic content, this range of Pigment Emulsifiers can be availed in pure form. These emulsifiers can easily integrate with anionic and cationic emulsifying agents.  Standard ph value range, non toxic content and advanced manufacturing technique are the key aspects of these emulsifiers.